Perspector and bullet list transformation


The Perspector 3D PowerPoint graphics add-in team has today made the Professional Edition free to download and use – permanently.

Until last month it was on sale at $299.

The Perspector site simply says “we have decided to withdraw the Perspector product range from sale….we have made a free license available”. The username and license to enter into the registration box is:
Name: Perspector

Note 1: Perspector works with Windows 2000 to Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2000 to PowerPoint 2010 (32 bit – but not 64 bit versions of Office.)

Note 2: The Perspector Lists function described in the blog article below, published in October 2010, is just one small part of what can be done with Perspector. After installing Perspector, open the addin and go to Help or look in the Perspector Panel that opens on the right hand side. In them you will find two interactive User Guide presentations. Working through the User Guides is the best way to get started.

You can download Perspector at

The Perspector Lists function is a simple concept that transforms even the dullest bullet-only PowerPoint slide. (What? You never have any dull slides? 😉 )

It does something you can’t do in PowerPoint, so you will have your audience scratching their heads wondering how your graphics skills got so good so suddenly!

Screenshots: Take an ordinary bulleted list


And in just four clicks…




When you have applied one of these transformations you can modify the image to get it just how you want it. Like this:


The images you create with Perspector can be viewed by anyone with PowerPoint – but without Perspector installed they can not edit them.

See how Perspector Lists works in real time (Video, 1 minute, no sound)


More about Perspector

As you can see from the examples above, Perspector is an add-in that enables you to work with PowerPoint shapes in 3D.

If you get a taste for exploring the rest of its 3D capabilities, there is, frankly, something of a learning curve but the place to start is to try out the two interactive User Guide presentations that are linked to from within the program.



  1. Dr. Debby

    Can you animate each of the elements separately after you’ve created them?

    Dr. Debby

  2. Steve Hards

    Hi Dr. Debby,

    Many thanks for a very important question.

    When you convert a PowerPoint bullet list into a graphical image with Perspector Lists, the bullet list is captured into a single, but editable, image.

    So you can’t animate the bullet points in the image separately. However, if you want to present them as a sequence, there are some ways to do that. Suppose you have four points. You can copy the image three times and edit the copy images by deleting points – so you have the first image with one point, the second with two points, third with three, and the original with four. You then stack them exactly on top of each other and use entrance or exit custom animations (depending on which is on top) to reveal them in turn. That way, it will appears that a point is added each time you click.

    An alternative is to use the Opazity add-in to blur out the points you want to hide, and then animate those shapes to reveal the points. If you want to see an example of that technique there is one on the following page (video 2). (Apologies for the poor sound quality.)


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