Cross fading images in a loop in PowerPoint

[This was originally an email to people who have downloaded and registered their copy of the Encyclopedia of Best Free Resources for PowerPoint Users.]

Part of the reason for bringing you the best free resources via the Encyclopedia is that very useful things are lurking on the internet but, of course, you don’t know they are there until you go searching for them.

However, the incredibly useful add-in I’m going to mention here is not going into the Encyclopedia because it isn’t free.

So why have I got enthusiastic about it?

Well, this past weekend I’ve been working on an image-heavy presentation – let me digress a moment and say that in just under 3 hours I sourced 90 usable, appropriate and free images by using the sites I’ve listed in the Encyclopedia, which is actually quite incredible given the number I had to scan through – back from the digression…

I had added sets of photos to slides in the presentation and had animated them to cross fade from one to the other as a background while the presenter was talking about the topic of the slide.

But then I hit a brick wall.

As I didn’t know how long the speaker will be talking about the topic, I needed to be able to loop the sequence of images continuously until he was ready to move on to the next slide.

Loop slideshow animations in PowerPoint? It should be easy! But there is no way to do that in PowerPoint as it comes.

Searching the internet for a solution I noticed that there are forum posts going back years saying that people wished for this continuous loop animation feature.

Then I found a link to an add-in produced by an acquaintance of mine, fellow Brit and PowerPoint MVP John Wilson, which enables you to do exactly that!

His (old) webpage says it’s only compatible up to PPT2007, but I bought it and it was fine on my PPT2010, 32-bit version. He has since confirmed that it will also run in 64-bit versions of Office.

The add-in is called Fade&Loop and John’s page is here:

The presentation that I’m working on is not finished yet, so I’ve put together a short video demonstrating the looping effect with just four images and a short display time.

With the add-in you have control over the speed of the fade and the time for which the images display and you can apply it instantly to as many images as you want.

Click here to visit the Fade & Loop Add-in page.


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