“Fantastic Templates and Photos For PowerPoint That Money Can’t Buy…”
(Because They Are FREE!)



Hi! Steve Hards here, and – like you, probably – I found myself in situations at work where presenting was required. I can admit it now but I wasn’t very good at it!

Fortunately I eventually got the message that presenting wasn’t going to go away and I’d better shape up! So I set out to improve, initially by working on my PowerPoint design.

While doing that I developed some add-ins for my own use (which you can now buy) AND I built up a large collection of all of BEST FREE INTERNET RESOURCES FOR IMPROVING POWERPOINT DESIGN that I used regularly.

That is, I searched out all of the good stuff and rejected masses of junk that is out there!

But when I hit my 60s and was aiming to retire, I decided to open up and share my best sources with anyone who wants them. They will help you transform your presentation design:

  • free PowerPoint templates
  • free music
  • free photos for presentations
  • free advice and
  • all sorts of other free PowerPoint stuff

When I say free, I mean the RESOURCES are FREE and my SOFTWARE is FREE.

I’ve put together this pass-it-on-software that you can use and that you can confidently give away to your friends and colleagues. In fact, give it away any way you like. If you have a blog or website, put it there as a gift for your visitors to download. I just ask that:

  1. you don’t sell it (duh!)
  2. you don’t change it in any way
  3. you don’t claim that it is yours and
  4. you don’t spam anyone when you pass it on


Thirteen reasons you should download the Encyclopedia of Best Free Resources for PowerPoint Users…

  1. Totally free… Yes, you can’t buy it!
  2. A complete solution… When you need to spice up your presentations, from templates to add-ins, it’s got you covered.
  3. Universally usable… It doesn’t matter whether you use Windows or a Mac, being an Adobe AIR program it works on either system.
  4. Unsticks you… If you are stuck or stagnating, the resources in the Encyclopedia will rescue you. Go from being frustrated to being free of worry!
  5. Results, even if you are a PowerPoint beginner… You can use this without special knowledge or skills to help you lift your presentations out of the ‘Death by PowerPoint Zone’!
  6. Deep and broad… It’s easy to use but that doesn’t mean it’s not comprehensive. I’ve brought years of experience to the selection of the resources to make sure that you don’t waste time on rubbish.
  7. Stand out… People who use the Encyclopedia are often complimented on their presentations – see the feedback below. Just promise you won’t blame me if your co-workers start to ask you to design or give more presentations!
  8. Reduce the dread… Even if you hate creating presentations and would rather not even deal with them but have to, you can find inspiration in these resources. It might make the process bearable, or even enjoyable in time.
  9. More than just the software… You don’t just get templates (themes), images, music and add-ins but inspiration and sources of help too. When you download and register, you also get notifications of updates, PowerPoint-related offers and – for the moment, at least! – access to me via email.
  10. Flexible… Not only can you use it to improve future presentations but you can revisit old ones and improve them too.
  11. Shareable… It won’t just help solve your presentation creation problems but you can give the download file to co-workers and friends and help them. Just encourage them to register for the updates. They will thank you for it and you will go up in their estimation. Nothing is better than something you can happily give away!
  12. Versatile… Although there are PowerPoint-specific things in the Encyclopedia, many of the free resources such as pictures and music are incredibly useful for people who use Keynote or Prezi, or who are graphic designers. So actually, it can solve even more problems than those I have already talked about – even the ones you are probably now imagining…
  13. I use it myself whenever I create a presentation… For example, on one occasion I identified and downloaded 90 usable, appropriate and free-to-use images by using the sites I’ve listed in the Encyclopedia in just under 3 hours. That is actually quite incredible given the total number of images I had to scan through!

Ooops! I almost forgot to give you the download link again! Here it is…

Instant Download

Don’t forget to register for updates alerts after downloading!


  • Download and install the small Adobe AIR program. (Adobe AIR programs are not known for carrying viruses but do feel free to virus-check the file before installing The Encyclopedia.)
  • When you run the program you will find links to sites with amazing free resources to explore. The sites will open in your default internet browser.
  • Any time that you need something to add to your presentation, run the Encyclopedia by clicking on the program icon on your desktop or in your ‘Start’ programs list.
  • If you find The Encyclopedia useful, feel free to give a copy of the file you downloaded to your friends and colleagues. Note: if emailing, it’s better to send a link to this website than it is to attach the file to an email. The link would be: http://freepptresources.com
  • Please email me, Steve, if you have any comments or improvement suggestions for The Encyclopedia.


Feedback from users of the Encyclopedia of Best Free Resources for PowerPoint Users… (Thank you all! Steve)

If you have used the Encyclopedia and would like to add your feedback, please click here.

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9/ 10stars

Great Software

Really enjoy this useful software for ppt presentations...


10/ 10stars

Wonderful and useful tool.

I love the free resources, without it many of my projects could not be completed. Keep up the great work. As a student these free resources is a must have and a great time saver, only thing I will use. Again thanks 🙂


10/ 10stars

Great site for PowerPoint presenters

I am always looking for ways to enhance my presentations. Your site is
excellent at pointing out meaningful PowerPoint resources. Thanks for the


10/ 10stars

Presentations are like sandwiches!

This is where I come when I'm looking for a dab of mustard or chutney to make a plain Ppt more appealing and satisfying. A successful presentation is more than a series of slides, and the Encyclopaedia makes it easier to find the exact dash of spice that you need, because keeping the audience interested is key to delivering your message.


7/ 10stars


Some very useful resources. Good to be reminded from time to time.


10/ 10stars

The Planet's Best Value PPT Resources Bar None

Steve has selflessly compiled a treasure chest of gems that no PowerPoint designer should be without! And they provide the best value because they are ABSOLUTELY FREE!

What's more, he is constantly scouring the internet adding further valuable items to the collection and he lets all his subscribers know the minute a new source becomes available.

Steve also has some neat PPT Add Ins too!

Mike C


10/ 10stars

I Love It

Best resource I have ever found.
Thanks steve for making it available, and i hope all who use will give feedback and new sources of information for you to evaluate.


10/ 10stars


Great tool to use!!


10/ 10stars

PPT Resources Review

We use PPT both in our own marketing business, particularly in creating videos, and also for client companies and have been enjoyed the tips and tricks that improve our product and our experience with PPT.

Our products have improved with what we've learned - and hope to continue learning - from the Encyclopedia of Free Resources for Users of PPT for Windows.


10/ 10stars

Love it!

I use this frequently because it pulls all the best resources together so I don't have to search for them myself!


9/ 10stars

Can't be a 10, that's perfection.

I like the site and hope you expand, e.g. more entries.